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Waterkings is the leading environment impact assessment (EIA) consultancy in Zimbabwe and the SADC Region. The firm has accomplished more than 70 certified EIA projects covering the mining, infrastructural development (telecommunication, water, energy, housing, road, waste management) and manufacturing sectors. We have accomplished projects with the World Bank in Infrastructural Development in Malawi and Zimbabwe where Waterkings supervises the implementation of the World Bank’s Environment and Social Safeguards Policy.

Waterkings consultancy team has unique capacity in Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA), Social Impact Assessments (SIA), Resettlement Action Plans, Environmental Costing, Stakeholder Consultations, Environment Training, Legal Compliance Auditing, Water and Sanitation Management, S.H.E Management Systems development and Project management.We deliver service within record times. Waterkings’ pricing policy ensures cost effective prices and enables avoidance (not to evade) of environmental costs by its clients. Environment Protection is not only Waterkings’ commitment, but its way of life.

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